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Arduino IDE 1.5.2

eclipse pluginPosted by Jan Thu, February 14, 2013 16:13:18
Currently the Arduino IDE 1.5.2 is available for Beta testing. I have held of modifying my plugin because I need to keep focus on Marvin (my lawn mower project).
However beginning of this year I swapped to Red had enterprise 6 and my plugin failed to work. So I had to change the plugin. So I bit the bullet and started to work on the Arduino IDE 1.5.2 compatibility.
As things are now the new plugin will be incompatible with the previous versions from a workspace point of view. Which means that it will be best to create a new workspace when you switch to the new version.
What will have changed?
- support for multiple platform.txt and boards.txt files.
- Added support for teensy
- The Arduino code is now in the same project as your sketch
- The Plugin is no longer based on the win avr plugin.
- You can run the winavr plugin next to the arduino eclipse plugin
As this is a major rewrite of the code I'm looking for volunteers to test the alfa version somewhere end of February beginning of March.
Volunteers should have a decent eclipse knowledge, experience with the current version of the eclipse plugin, spare time and the drive to investigate.
As I do not own a Mac or a Mac image; Mac owners please volunteer.

If you want to volunteer to do alfa testing during please send a mail titled "I want to volunteer for alfa testing on [os list] with [board list]" to


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