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eclipse pluginPosted by Jan Fri, March 01, 2013 23:54:34
As the loyal follower of the Arduino eclipse plugin knows; I have been working on the on making a new version of my Arduino Plugin compatible with Arduino IDE 1.5.2.
And I wanted to release a version end of Februari 2013 and I didn't make it.
Honestly... I tried hard but to many things came in the way. Not at least some health issues.

So where am I?
I have been able to compile and upload code for following boards: Uno, Due, Duemilenove, Mega, Mega ADK, Teensy2++ on Linux Redhat 6 enterprise edition.
I did not get the Micro and Leonardo working on Redhat so I could not test those.
I just made a installable package and installed the plugin in windows and ..... I did not even get past the configuration page.

So hold on, it is coming soon .........or not?

Best regards

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