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V2 Beta release is available now.

eclipse pluginPosted by Jan Sat, March 23, 2013 15:45:08
V2 beta of the Arduino eclipse plugin is available.
What does it bring?
1) It works exactly the same on Windows Linux and Mac.
2) Super simple to install and configure.
3) Has the Arduino buttons so you can easily find the Arduino commands
4) Has an Arduino menu for amongst others importing the libraries
5) Has the Serial monitor supporting 4 serial connections
6) Has improved indexer functionality
7) Has support for Arduino IDE 1.5.2 (that is inclusive due)
8) Has the Arduino project and your sketch in the same eclipse project

What is downside?

1) You need eclipse juno. Older versions are not supported and will never be supported.
2) The older Arduino IDE's are not supported "out of the box".
3) AVR eclipse is no longer part of the plugin so you you need this features you have to install avr eclipse next to the arduino eclipse plugin.
4) Workspaces from version 1.X of the plugin are not compatible with this plugin.
5) The possibilities to change the commands in the plugin have been removed. To change the build commands please modify the platform.txt file
6) The reporting on the memory usage is less convenient.

Because of the incompatibility of the workspace I decided to release the plugin on a different update site. This allows you to switch to the new version when you are ready.

How to install the plugin?
I strongly advice to make a completely separate eclipse installation to support the migration process. Workspaces are not compatible so do not try to open your current work spaces with this plugin without having taken the necessary measurements (such as backups).
you need Eclipse Juno and Arduino IDE 1.5.2. Older versions of eclipse will not work (believe me I tested it) and older version of Arduino IDE will not work out of the box.
To install the plugin goto the install new software in eclipse and set the following location:

Do not forget to configure (windows->preferences->arduino) or nothing will work. There is no error message in this case.

What do I mean with " older version of Arduino IDE will not work out of the box."?
Arduino IDE 1.5.x tries to be tool independent. Therefore all "instructions" are described in a text format in platform.txt. The plugin uses the platform.txt to execute the commands. As older versions do not have a platform.txt file the plugin does not know which actions to take. So to run older versions you need to create/copy a platform.txt and place it next to the boards.txt.
If you succeeded in doing so please share your success and findings.

Best regards

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