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I'm looking for V2.1 alfa testers

eclipse pluginPosted by Jan Fri, May 24, 2013 15:37:41
I nearly finished V2.1 and I'm looking for alfa testers to do testing beginning of June.
All the changes are really small so I expect no real issues.

What is new and what are alfa testers supposed to test
1) multiple configurations (within the same board.txt file; so no uno to due smiley)
2) Full Teensy support (that is inclusive Teensy3; extra installation needed)
3) bug fix for Due
4) turning on/off "all warnings" (per configuration)
5) Flag to set a "alternative size command" (the one used in V1 of the plugin) per configuration.
6) Fields to add commands to the C and C++ command line
7) More technically: Most of the data is now saved in the configuration (environment variables). This makes it possible for the end user to overwrite any configuration by modifying the environment settings of the configuration.

If you want to volunteer for testing: please send me an e-mail ( specifying the OS(es) you want to test in and the hardware you can/want to test with.
Previous experience with the plugin is recommended.

Best regards

PS There is still a indexing problem with Teensy3 Paul is looking at. This makes "serial+ctrl space" not to work. Having 2 configurations (one for Teensy2 and 1 for Teensy3) is a work around.

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